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A family tradition

The family is the starting point of our area of origin: Sardinia. Our salami factory punta decidedly maintains the link with the origin and tradition of systems, relationships and with the advance of technologies. The transfer of knowledge in the family, as in the company, always produces excellent results and allows constant growth not only of the structure, but also of the working methods. Our corporate philosophy is therefore aimed at exporting as much as possible the Sardinian approach to work and the culture of preparing cured meats to the rest of Italy and the world.

The job

Work is a fundamental aspect in our business process. Employees, collaborators, young apprentices, know our philosophy from the beginning and easily enter (most of them live in the area) in symbiosis with the spirit of Salumificio Su Sirboni. Work and family are the cornerstones of our production chain.

From the warehouse to the storage of meat, from cutting to binding, from salting or peppering to seasoning, from packaging to delivery: all employees are empowered and involved in the production chain.

The objectives

The goal is to produce cured meats according the traditional Sardinian recipe, working the meat in absolute food safety and hygiene, to protect the quality of the product and the health of the consumer and customer. The problems concerning the meat, the processing times and the traceability of the raw material are always meticulously attentive.

The main objectives of the company are to further improve the presentation of the products and communicate the choices of the sausage factory in an increasingly effective way to all passionate customers.

The future

The future of Salumificio Su Sirboni is linked to the new generation, to new working ideas, to process innovation and to new products which are constantly tested and introduced on the markets, to further enhance the classic and traditional lines, offering commercial contacts an even wider and more qualitatively attractive panel of choice.

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